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GENERAL: Unless specifically stated in the body of the quotation, the following Terms & Conditions will apply and shall be deemed incorporated in and form a part thereof. Budget Estimates are prepared for the Client’s convenience they are in no way binding or open for acceptance as a quotation.


1. DELIVERY: Unless otherwise stated elsewhere in this quotation, delivery is ex works on the shop floor.

(a) Delivery dates quoted will commence upon receipt of your acceptance of the quote and any technical details to be supplied by you necessary to enable work to proceed. We do not accept any liability should this period be exceeded by causes outside our control.

(b) Goods are forwarded insured unless there is written advice received by the Company to the contrary prior to the dispatch of the goods.

(c) Unless specifically itemized in the quotation, charges for packaging loading-out and insurance will be additional to quoted prices.

(d) We reserve the right to deliver in installments, each installment to be separately invoiced for payment upon our stated terms and paid for accordingly notwithstanding late delivery or non-delivery of any other installment.


2. DELAY: This Company will not accept liability or responsibility for any loss or damage caused by delay directly or indirectly to war, strikes, lockouts, perils of the sea or other cause beyond its control including failure from any cause whatever to deliver the whole or any part of the goods.


3. VALIDITY: This quotation is open for acceptance for a period of thirty days unless withdrawn at an earlier date. Delivery is subject to confirmation at the time of such acceptance.


4. PRICE: This quotation is based on costs, rates and charges valid at the date of quotation. Any increase to the Company in any cost rates or charges applying at the date of the quotation shall be added to the price as an extra.


5. PAYMENT TERMS: The Customer shall pay the price (including any additional charges) as set out by the supplier in the written quotation within 7 days following date of invoice unless otherwise stipulated. If full payment is not made by the customer to the supplier then the customer will be liable for all expenses incurred by the supplier in recovering the debt including but not limited to collection agency fee, legal fees and court costs inclusive of the disputes tribunal. The customer shall be liable to pay interest at the rate of 8% above the current bank overdraft interest rate on all overdue accounts at the supplier’s discretion.


6. BUYER DEFAULT: The seller reserves the right to rescind this contract or refuse to supply any goods or services or to stop goods in transit or services not completed at the expense of the buyer to that time if the buyer makes default or becomes bankrupt or goes into liquidation.

7.    CONSUMER GUARANTEES ACT   1993:    If the Client is acquiring Goods for the purposes of a trade or business, the Client acknowledges that the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 do not apply to the supply of Goods by Dobsons to the Client.

8. PROPERTY IN GOODS: Title to the goods is reserved for this Company until such time as the purchaser has paid the full purchase price for such goods.


9. CANCELLATION: Once the quotation has been accepted it may not be cancelled for any cause whatsoever without our written consent in the event of cancellation of work or equipment ordered, damages or loss resulting will be at the purchaser’s expense.


10. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Drawings and illustrations supplied in connection with quotations are not binding as to dimensions or details. All information provided is copyright and remains the property of the Company and must not be communicated to a third party without our express and written permission.


11. WARRANTY: Provided the terms of payment (5 above) have been met, then we agree on our liability for goods. We will implement the particular manufacturer’s guarantee, full details of which will be provided upon request.


12. CONDITIONS: Upon acceptance of quote the above conditions will apply.

If you have any further questions please CONTACT us.

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