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Updated: Mar 27, 2019


What is accountability and why is it important when considering a contractor? Accountability means that someone is willing to take on responsibility and actively manage a job until it is done. Here at Dobsons, we take ownership of whatever job is given to us and put our name on it so your team can focus on the bigger picture. Of course, in any project obstacles occur, we take ownership of whatever it is and will work with you to solve the issue.


At a basic level, the service you are wanting from a contractor is to complete a project on time and on budget. There are a lot of companies that can offer this and in this sense, Dobsons is no different. Where we are different, is that we will take the time to analyse the job and look at what it is you are wanting and work out if that is what you actually need.


When someone needs something done by a set date, or a service completed in a particular manner, they are seeking someone who can provide that service with certainty. Part of the reason we have been in business for so long is because we do what we say we are going to do.


We understand that every project has a time value and that punctuality serves a purpose. Dobsons works with you to make sure a job is done on on time and on budget. The key to timeliness is communication. We will discuss with you the scope of the job and when each stage is to be completed so we can ensure our team can integrate with yours and work as efficiently as possible.  

If you have any more questions about how to choose your contractor please give us a call 0800 DOBSONS or 0800 362 7667

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