4 reasons why your heat pump or air conditioning unit needs to be serviced regularly!

2 May 2017

  1. You'll save money!Servicing a heat pump regularly ensures it will run as efficiently as possible, allowing you to reduce your overall power usage.
  2. It's more hygienicA regular service not only cleans the filters but also deodorises the entire indoor unit, tests the drains and checks for any parts that may need replacing. These actions will ensure that the filtration system will remove bacteria, fungi and pollen from the air more effectively.
  3. CockroachesThe Bay of Plenty is notorious for its quantity (and size) of cockroaches and a common problem is with them and other vermin entering the external unit and shorting out the circuit board! This is NOT covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and can be costly to repair.
  4. Prevents any long term problemsIn coastal areas, the rate of corrosion can be higher due to the levels of salt in the air. A service ensures for any signs of corrosion on the outdoor unit, and if necessary, we will recommend an anti-corrosion application (at additional cost). Regular servicing can also help to pick up any potential problems before they occur, to ensure you get as longer life as possible from your system.

If your heat pump/air conditioning unit is due for a service, give Keith a call today on 0800 DOBSONS or 027 492 4140