Dobsons can take care of a range of compliance requirements to ensure your workplace is council compliant.

Dobsons can test and tag appliances – a major compliance requirement in commercial workplaces. Our compliance services also include thermal imaging – checking switchboards, cabinetry and other major energy sources for faults to reduce risk of fire and to meet insurance requirements. Dobsons can also conduct IQP (Independent Qualified Person) inspections for HVAC and ventilation, emergency lighting and automatic doors.

Use us for:

  • IQP Emergency Lighting
  • PAT Testing
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Caravan WOF
  • Test & Tag

Thermal Imaging


Dobsons check switchboards and cabinetry for heat and fire risk using thermal imaging equipment.

Many insurance companies make it a requirement that switchboards, cabinetry and any other major energy sources are checked for faults at least once per year in commercial buildings and plants. This is to heavily reduce the risk of fire from an electrical fault.

Insurance companies also require that the person operating the thermal imaging equipment is trained and qualified to do so. Dobsons have 2 certified thermographers on staff to carry out these thermal imaging inspections.

If you need your circuitry and switchboards checked for excessive heat, Dobsons can do the job for you.

Thermal Imaging for Plant Maintenance

Thermal imaging can also be used to view bearings and motors in manufacturing plants to see if they are getting hot during operation. This knowledge allows bearings to be replaced during scheduled maintenance shutdowns, rather than having the bearings or motors fail at some unknown stage in the future, bringing the whole processing plant to a halt.

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Test and Tag


A major compliance requirement in commercial workplaces is that any appliances and electrical leads within that workplace need to be certified, tested and tagged as being safe.

There are many rules and regulations, and every commercial business or application has different procedures to comply with. The end result is that all appliances and leads onsite must have a current test and tag certificate, otherwise the work site can be shut down as being unsafe.

Dobsons can take care of all your test and tag certificate requirements, so give them a call to discuss your compliance needs.


IQP Inspections


Dobsons provide IQP inspections (independent qualified person) for the following:


HVAC & Ventilation – These require 3 monthly inspections. A registered ventilation engineer who is an IQP qualified person are the only people who can carry out these inspections.

Emergency Lighting – Some buildings require monthly inspections, some not so frequently. It depends what type of building it is, what its purpose is and what the insurance requirements are. A registered electrician who is also an IQP qualified person are the only people who can carry out these inspections.

Automatic Doors – Dobsons have staff members who are Independent Qualified Persons who can carry out these inspections to make sure they are up to the standard required at the time the building was constructed (the age of the building, when it was installed). Dobsons then report on these three areas and maintain or repair the systems if any faults are found. The building can then receive or renew its warrant of fitness, allowing insurance to be current.


So for any IQP inspection requirements, give Dobsons a call.


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